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MaZa strives to provide the best, friendly, professional
salon and spa service in a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere.

Sinamon Malloy & the History of MaZa

    MaZa was established in July of 2002. Sinamon Malloy, the owner, has loved the hair and beauty industry pretty much all of her life. She was lucky enough to learn the hairstyling trade from her mom, and then she really fell in love with the craft when she moved to NYC in 1989 to try it in the "Big City". She encourages her team to always continue their education and keep up on all current trends and techniques. She says
"I have the greatest team in town! They are kind, talented, and respectful to each other". The customers notice the comraderie in the salon and comment on the friendly atmosphere.
   "This business is always changing and progressing, and we need to change with it in every aspect," assures Sinamon. We have updated the salon every couple of years to ensure that things are fresh and current. Decorating is Sinamon's other passion, so her favorite hobby is re-inventing the space.
   The most important concept to MaZa is great customer service. Everyone must be treated with kindness and respect from the moment they walk through the door. "We have a wonderful customer base and want them to feel warm and welcome while they're at MaZa," states the owners. Steve Malloy, Sinamon's husband is the best "fix-it" guy ever. He is always stopping by, making sure everything is in working order, as he jokes with the staff, and teases them about breaking stuff!
   From the first day in July of 2002 when MaZa opened its doors, it established itself as a great environment for the employee as well as the appreciated customers. Thank you to all of the wonderful MaZa clients!

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